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who is your shipping provider?

We use Royal Mail first class to post your parcels, although this is an untracked service we are able to see if they have attempted to deliver your parcel or the parcel has been delivered successfully. Once you have placed your order we will aim to ship out your goodies within 3-5 working days. At the moment due to the pandemic first class can take up to 10 days to arrive. Although this hasn't happened to any of my customers yet we feel the need to make you aware of this. Postage is a flat rate of £3.85.

Are your products suitable for children

We do not recommend using our products for children under 3 years age due to their sensitive skin. Although some of our customers do and haven't had any issues.

Are our products suitable for sensitive skin

A lot of our customers suffer with eczema and sensitive skin problems, We haven't had any complaints as of yet. We would advise using a bit of the product you wish to use before fully indulging.

Some children like to hold and squish the bath bomb and get dye their hands how do we get it off?

It is advised not to hold the bath bomb when in the water to prevent this happing. We recommend placing the bath bomb in warm water and watch it do it's thing before you jump in. To those of you that like to hold them like our self you will find the dye will come off with a generous amount of soap and warm water.

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